BKLL Picture Day - Friday, March 31, 2017

CW Lewis School - Erial & Davistown Roads

*Last chance to turn in raffle tickets*

Please bring completed order form or pre-order online - info below.

6:00pm Cardinals (Prendergast) Ducks (Stewart) Eagles (Breyer)

6:10pm Penquins (Chando) River Bandits (Dougherty) Rockhounds (Mastil) 

6:20pm River Dogs (Mercado) Scrappers (Yackle) Muck Dogs (Casares) 

6:30pm Lug Nuts (Gottlieb) River Cats (Husk) Mud Cats (Iovacchino) 

6:40pm Bulls (Jackson) Hot Rods (Sargent) Thunder (Morris) 

6:50pm Iron Pigs (Minch) Nationals (Clendining) Yankees (Phillips) 

7:00pm Orioles (Cerquoni) Dodgers (Wolfson) Cubs (Giaconia) 

7:10pm A's (Zanghi) Tigers (Rosa) Phillies (Williams) 

7:20pm Red (Payne)  

Picture Day Ordering Info

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