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Welcome to Blackwood Kiwanis Little League - Established 1951

Welcome to Blackwood Kiwanis Little League - Established 1951

AAA Rules

Blackwood Kiwanis Little League Minors-AAA Division Rules and Regulations

  1. 2-hour time limit

  2. Coaches must stay in the dugout during the game. During the offensive half of the inning, one coach and the manager may be outside the dugout in order to be a base coach. Enforcement of this rule may lead to the removal of the coach from the field.

  3. Home team supplies game balls and prepares the field.

  4. Home team rakes the field after the game.

  5. Each team cleans out their own dugouts after the games.

  6. No food in dugouts.

  7. 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings.  (Home team must bat, if trailing.)

  8. Continuous batting order.  Every player bats.

  9. Every player must play at least 9 outs in the field of a six inning game.  Free substitution.  Once removed, a pitcher cannot re-enter as a pitcher.

  10. Each team must start with at least 9 players, but can finish with 8 players.  A player from the Minors-AA division may be “called up” only if the team will roster 9 or less players for the game. Call-ups should only bring a team to 10 players.

  11. Slide or surrender at all times.

  12. Pinch runner for catchers with two outs is allowed.

  13. 5 steals per inning.  

    1. If runners steal 2nd base and 3rd base on the same play it is counted as two steals.  If the team has four steals for the inning, the runner must return to 1st base.

    2. If the ball passes the rubber, not the pitcher (overthrow from catcher), it is not considered a stolen base.  It is considered a live ball.  

    3. No delayed steals at all.

    4. Straight stealing of home is allowed. 

      1. Only 1 successful steal of home per inning.

      2. If runners are on first and third and the catcher makes a play down to second, the runner on third may advance at their own peril.  It is considered a live ball play not a stolen base.

      3. If there is an overthrow back to the pitcher, the runner from third may advance if the ball passes the rubber.  

    5. On a base on balls, the batter shall stop at first and not continue to second base until

      1. The next pitch is delivered, or

      2. A live play is being made at another base.

  14. 5 run rule per inning.  Last announced inning is unlimited.

  15. Records and Standings.  Records and standings won't affect playoff standings. Playoffs will be sorted at random draw.

  16. No infield fly and no dropped third strike.

  17. All other rules are enforceable via the Little League Rule Book.


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